About MBS Solutions


MBS Solutions are a group of Sober Living houses that provide an environment free from drugs, alcohol, and other substances.

Lack of a stable alcohol and drug free living environment has proven to be a detriment to recovery for even the most highly motivated individuals.

A critically important aspect of one's social network is their living environment and their

involvement in 12 step recovery programs.

Testimonials of Clients and Sober Successes

This Letter is to thank MBS Solutions for what you have provided me in the last six months. I’m not sure where I would be without you all. Thanks for helping me feel safe and have hope when I first got to this Sober Living environment. This has been a great situation for my sobriety.  Thanks for helping me realize how an orderly place helps create an orderly mind! Thank you for getting me active with others in recovery, even when I didn't need to! Thanks you for keeping my environment safe and drug-free, for giving me the freedom to make some stupid decisions and for the love to make it easy for me to learn to admit when I was wrong!  THIS SOBER ENVIRONMENT HAS GIVEN ME THE ABILITY TO MOVE ON AND GET BACK ON MY FEET!


My Sincere Thanks To MBS Solutions

Living Clean & Sober


When I came to MBS Solutions 2 1/2 months ago, I was in a desperate condition.  I have been in recovery for many years but relapsed.  I still had a job but needed an environment that would allow me to work my chosen 12 step program and no their program.  MBS offered me that opportunity.  I was impressed immediately by the condition of the residence.  Many recovery homes are in great need of repair and this was not the case at MBS as the residence I live in is immaculate.  MBS is a sober living environment which allows more freedom with recovery but they have been selective about who lives here.  I am surrounded by a great group of guys, equally minded about staying sober, in a terrific home, and a great management team that are all in recovery themselves.  I could not have made a better choice.



If you have found this page, consider yourself blessed.  My name is Derek and I am one of the chosen ones as my sobriety date is 11/15/2009.  Born in East Boston, today I have a full life.  I came to MBS Solutions by no doing of my own, I call it divine intervention at its finest.  The people that are involved with MBS Solutions truly care about people of which thanks to GOD I am one of those.  My life has changed for the better in a very short period of time, from resident to house manager.  Out of respect for anonymity, there are many fine people who will go nameless, but there have been many people who have helped guide me along this path.


Derek - servent and messenger

Thanks to MBS Solutions, I got the opportunity in a supportive and sober environment to put into practice all that I have learned in 12 step programs, unlike my previous 8 1/2 months in a half-way house.  It takes time to rebuild our lives after the devastating effects of addiction and just plain stupid decisions.  MBSS offers their clients a time and a place to do just that, rebuild your lives.  After 5 months with MBSS I showed enough progress that they offered me a house manager position and I have been manager now for 9 months.  If you are secure in your recovery and as determined as I was to continue making positive progress in your recovery, then the sober living houses of MBS Solutions are the place for you



 I tried so many times to get sober, but all roads led back to where I was trying to escape from, not to where I wanted to go.  Sober living was my saving grace as it placed me with like minded individuals who I could draw strength from to build a foundation of recovery and I have been sober every since  - Wayne

This type social network is a strong indicator

of a life possible without using drugs and/or alcohol